The Glenns Ferry Historic Opera Theatre - Glenns Ferry, Idaho

Are you a fan of knee-slapping comedies, original melodramas, nail biting murder mysteries and a good ol' home cooked meal? I've got just the place for you...The Glenns Ferry Theatre!

It might be that I grew up spending time with my cousins in Glenns Ferry in the summer or that my grandma would always take me there to watch the home town theater, but there is just something about the beautiful valley that has a special place in my heart. Even though less than 1,300 people live in Glenns Ferry it always seems so busy for a small town with the interstate running along side of it and the train running right through the middle of it. It just makes sense that this adorable family friendly town would have a long running tradition like a live theater.
The Glenns Ferry Historic Opera Theatre is celebrating their 20th year of providing fun, family shows. The 2013 season will run from June 7th - August 24th with shows every Friday and Saturday night. Friday night is a special comedy called "Wanted: One Groom" and Saturday holds a melodrama entitled "No, No, A Million Times No!". Both shows offer dinner at 6:30 and reservations are required, shows start at 7:45. I must warn you, once you have had one of the theater house's delicious baked potatoes you will be beggin' for more! Prices for shows can be found on the GF Historic Opera Theatre website. Check out their Facebook page for more updates!


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