Miracle Hot Springs - Buhl/Hagerman, Idaho

Hagerman is one of southern Idaho's hidden gems. On the outskirts of this quiet town of less than 900 people is the home of one of our favortie relaxation spots...Miracle Hot Springs.
Miracle Hot Springs is just 9 miles south of Hagerman, off of Highway 30. They are open all year round, Monday through Saturday from 8am to 11pm. Miracle Hot Springs is newly renovated and offer four outdoor public pools which come with your general admission, 15 private pools and 6 VIP pools along with private changing areas, showers, bathrooms and lockers. One of the new additions to the two newest pools are the built in chess boards. It provides a fun way to pass the time as your body soaks. The four outdoor public pools are slightly different temperatures which is great for an indecisive person like me. Even though the pools are a variety of different temperatures they are all filled with the same perfect, soft water.
I recently went to Miracle Hot Springs one sunny Friday morning with my nephew and was pleased to find that we were the only ones there for almost an hour. It was so peaceful and relaxing other than my nephew's splashing, kicking and constant yells of "Aunt Mo, look what I can do!!".
Not only is this place a geothermal oasis but they also offer professional massages, camping domes and RV/tent park. The camping domes are completely reasonably priced with conveniently located near the pools. All of the floors in the domes are heated by hot water and include a space heater and fan so they are perfect for camping all year round! Right now they are even offering a "Yoga in the Dome" class. Even though I live less than 30 miles from Miracle Hot Springs I think a night in one of their camping domes will be in my near future.
Have you ever been to Miracle Hot Springs? What did you think?


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