Thunder Mountain Line Train Rides - Horseshoe Bend, ID

There is something wonderful that made my inner child really want to drop what I was doing and drive to Horseshoe Bend, Idaho as soon as I read about the Thunder Mountain Line train rides. The idea of getting to actually ride in one of those moving boxes that I have counted so many times with my face pressed against the glass of the car window as a child (and I'll admit even as an adult) makes me so excited!

The distance from downtown Boise, Idaho to the Thunder Mountain Line in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho is about 27 miles full of beautiful, mountainous views. All travelers are encouraged to get there 45 minutes before their departure and the cars are open for loading 30 minutes prior to departure. The rides are about 3 hours round trip and each ride takes a short pit stop at the Banks or Montour where there are outside exhibitions and a Station House that is open for guests to view local history exhibits. They offer different event rides that include Easter, western themed rides and even mystery theater rides. Train rides are available for birthday parties, weddings, receptions...What little boy would love a train ride birthday?

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The train cars are separated into three different classes: Executive Class (ages 21 and up), First Class and Standard Class. You can read more about the difference on their website along with prices and booking information. Coming up in May they have a special Mother's Day brunch ride package that would be a blast to take your mother, grandmother or a special Mother-to-be in your life!
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