10 Ways Napoleon Dynamite Totally Nailed Life in Idaho

It's been 14 years since Napoleon Dynamite first came into our lives but the legacy he left behind still lives on. These are the top 10 ways that the Napoleon Dynamite flick totally nailed life in rural Idaho.

1. Your dinner table scraps always go out to the animals. 

2. Every person in Idaho carries a weapon of some sort.

3. In Idaho, trend setters get their new fashion second hand.

4. Idahoans have never purchased steak at the store because every family has a freezer full of beef.

5. There is a mountain range within a football's throw of anywhere you are in Idaho.

6. At some point you've been paid for hard labor in farm fresh goods. 

7. Spending a day at an Idaho sand dune is the best time you'll ever have. 

8. Your lips will hurt real bad without chapstick in the dry Idaho climate. 

9. There are more cows than people in Idaho. 

10. Potatoes are a basic staple of every meal in Idaho. 


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