Twin Falls Love Locks

Idaho is full of crazy tourist attractions. From a parade made up of sheep to a massive rock balancing on a tiny base, there is something for everyone at which to marvel. Recently a new type of tourist attraction has caught our eye. Like most wildly popular attractions in Idaho it probably started by accident, but here at the Idaho Bucket List we'd like to make this new found interest a spot for many to enjoy...with your help. What is it? It's the small but symbolic "Love Lock Fence" that over looks the beautiful Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls.
The TF love lock fence overlooks the Snake River Canyon and Centennial Waterfront Park
You may have heard of love locks which are famous in places like Paris, Italy, New York and Las Vegas. Love locks are placed on a fixture like a bridge or fence typically with sweethearts' or friends' name or initials engraved onto the lock and the key is thrown away symbolizing their unbreakable love.
Our lovely sponsor from the Blue Lakes Inn, Callie and
her friend at the Friendship Bridge in Paris.
A group of about a dozen love locks have suddenly appeared along the canyon rim trail about 1/4 mile west (away from the bridge) of the Perrine Bridge visitors center in Twin Falls. The locks all have initials crudely yet lovingly scratched into or written on their metal faces. Each one holding the secret identity of it's owners yet publically professing that these two initials have a love that is unbreakable!
J and M forever!
The Idaho Bucket List owners.
How can you help? We would like to make the Love Lock Fence a tourist attraction for the Magic Valley. We would like to show the rest of the state that down here in Southern Idaho the love for our neighbors, friends and family is unbreakable.

October 1st through the 31st will be your chance to find the Love Lock Fence with your husband, wife, children, parents or even your bestie and profess your love for them by placing a love lock on the fence and throwing away the key! To be entered into our drawing all you have to do is take a picture of your love lock on the fence, add a description of who's initials are on the lock and email it to us at or send it to us via Facebook. You will get two entries per lock (one for each initial) so make sure to include your full name and a phone number for each! One entry per person.
The winner will be randomly chosen on October 31st for the following prize package:

A one night stay-cation at the Blue Lakes Inn Boutique Hotel in Twin Falls.
Dinner for two from Jaker's Bar and Grill and 208 Photo Booth
Delicious dessert from the Cookie Basket in Twin Falls.
Movie tickets for two from Forrest Custom Homes
A goodie basket to make you feel at home from Beth LeBaron Canyonside Irwin Realty.
Need a lock? Stop by Magic Valley Storage on Elm Street in Twin Falls to pick up your FREE lock!

More details will are coming soon on our Facebook page so check it out!

**The City of Twin Falls stated that they will leave the locks as long as they don't become a problem so please be mindful not to leave any garbage along our beautiful canyon rim and make sure to stay on the designated trail**


  1. I noticed the lock fence when I did Rim To Rim a few weeks ago. I now have an excuse to post my own lock!

  2. There was no rhyme or reason--I just used a lot of hot glue and eyeballed it. I will only use it indoors since the hot glue will not do well with the below zero temps. Fun, shiny and made all from things I have on hand. metal fence


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