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The perfect getaway - Lava Hot Springs

I'm sure you've seen me post about Lava Hot Springs before because I absolutely adore this quiet, little town. Since our home base is in Twin Falls, Lava is just far away and remote enough to feel like a getaway without spending a ton of time in the car. After talking with friends and co-workers about our latest weekend in Lava I've realized that some people don't know that Lava Hot Springs is an actual town, albeit small, not just a place to soak in mineral water.
Lava Hot Springs is small with a local population of just over 400. It is located 37 minutes south-east of Pocatello, nestled in a narrow valley below towering mountains. A river and parallel set of train tracks make it seem longer than it is but the bulk of the town is really only about 5 blocks in total. Natural hot water runs below the town providing opportunities to soak in the mineral water at many local businesses. If you're looking for a great winter getaway, read on for some of our favorite things…

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